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By 2036, Botswana will be a high-income country, with an export led economy underpinned by diversifies, inclusive and sustainable growth driven by…

Vision Imperatives

Vision Imperatives

Botswana is operating in a rapidly changing global, social, economic and physical environment. The Botswana society of 2036 will be significantly different from that of today, and will be more integrated into the global community. We will position ourselves to be relevant and competitive. Our journey towards the desired future will be characterised by the key imperatives of:


Botswana will actively seeks to find innovative and breakthrough ‘game changers’ to propel us to a high-income status nation.


We will adopt a systematic and uncompromising approach to delivery of our programmes, projects and initiatives. This will be underpinned by strong leadership and accountability at all levels, in the non-state actors, private and public sectors.

Flexibility and Resilience

Our country and its people will be equipped and prepared in a rapidly changing global environment; to respond to changing circumstances and incentives; and to withstand and recover from both internal and external shocks that are beyond out immediate control.


For enduring prosperity across all generations, we will pursue a sustainable development pathway, balancing social, economic and environmental objectives, underpinned by good governance, measuring our progress to reflect all forms of capital: social, human, economic and environmental.

National Values

Our identity, our unique natural and cultural resources, the governance systems, tolerance of diversity as well as national values constitute a value proposition that makes Botswana a place to live, work and do business.


The transformation and progress that we seek will be driven by investments in innovation, research and development, including indigenous knowledge across all Vision Pillars thereby domesticating and accelerating the pace of technical and scientific advancement.


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