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By 2036, Botswana will be a land of peace, freedom and progressive governance.

Vision 2036 Coordinating Agency

Vision 2036 Coordinating Agency

Vision 2036 Coordinating Agency is an oversight institution across Government, Private Sector and Civil Society (taking a bird’s eye view) enabling it to play a strategic, coordinating role, with decision-making power where necessary by ensuring implementation of the Vision.

The Vision 2036 Coordinating Agency (Secreatriat) is headed by the Chief Executive Officer who reports directly to Chairman of Vision 2036 Council. Vision 2036 Secretariat is charged with the mandate of spearheading the implementation of the Vision 2036 towards achieving the high income country status by providing strategic leadership and direction in the realization of the Vision 2036 goals, and closely collaborating with line ministries, private sector and civil society.

Functions of the Coordinating Agency;

  • Advocacy and communication of Vision 2036 through strategic and effective information dissemination and stakeholder engagement.
  • Monitoring and evaluation to ensure progress and achievement of programmes and projects in accordance with Vision 2036.
  • Promote harmonization of policies and programmes between various Ministries responsible for implementation and impact as well as NDPs, UDPs, DPPs towards achievement of the Vision.


Mr Christopher Molomo
Mr Christopher Molomo
Chief Executive Officer
Ms Kushatha Modiakgotla
Ms Kushatha Modiakgotla
Director, Communications
Ms Koontse Mokgwathi
Ms Koontse Mokgwathi
Director, Monitoring & Evaluation

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