Testimonials (#ReGatetsePele)

Testimonials (#ReGatetsePele)

#ReGatetsePele #BeyondCovid19

It is every Motswana’s dream to move Botswana towards becoming a shining example of excellence in Africa and the rest of the world therefore #ReGatetsePele embraces our collective journey and the faith we have in our Country to work as a collective towards the achievement of Botswana Vision 2036. The hashtag is us as Batswana embracing our past and celebrating our successes. Not only that, it is a reflection of our optimism.

Well Vision 2036 is all about achieving prosperity well for me I would like to share with you how I prospered and grew my business. I started my business 2 years ago . I sold sweets at my college between lectures, my business grew and I bought muffins and sold them. To cut the story I managed to buy oven stove and baked muffins. The profits I generated I used it to open my online boutique which helped me to empower two people to also have atleast something they call salary. I employed my sister and friend in my business as marketers and they also help with deliveries of the clothes we sell. Well if we all work hard together and create jobs, start business together we can help Botswana to be a first class economy!! Together we can..remember setswana sare se are go togelwa tsatsing se ikisi moriting!!! Now fellow citizens it can be possible if at all a 22 year old tertiary student can find a feasible business idea and turn into into a business you also can do it! And help the government to curb unemployment rate as well as poverty levels. You may think that P500 salary is a joke but rather I instilled a sense of hope to my employees it might be small but then can afford to buy toiletries and contribute to buying basic needs at their families. CTR Boutique shall be a well know shop by 2036!it is possible
Dimolemo Rebaone
Student pursuing degree in Tourism management

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