By 2036, sustainable and optimal use of our natural resources will have transformed our economy and uplifted our people’s livelihoods.

National Planning Commission

National Planning Commission

The National Planning Commission (NPC) was established under the Office of the President, through the public sector rationalisation exercise of 2022.  

The NPC (Commission) has combined the functions of the former National Strategy Office, the Government Implementation Coordination Office, the Vision 2036 Coordinating Agency and the planning function from the then Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.


To provide leadership in the coordination of national development planning, national strategy development, implementation coordination and performance monitoring and evaluation.

Key Functions

  1. To coordinate development and implementation of the long term vision and strategy for Botswana;
  2. To develop the country’s national development plan;
  3. To coordinate national development planning and implementation;
  4. To coordinate policy formulation to ensure synergy and effectiveness;
  5. To provide advocacy and communication for the national vision and its strategic initiatives; and
  6. To coordinate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the African Union Agenda 2063.

Key considerations in setting up the NPC

The National Planning Commission will bring efficiency and effectiveness in the coordination of planning, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of national strategies, policies, programs, and projects by:

  1. Ensuring cohesion amongst data management systems;
  2. Strengthening management and decision support systems through applied  research and development;
  3. Coordinating implementation of programmes and monitoring national performance;
  4. Addressing duplication, conflicts and gaps amongst policies;
  5. Creating synergies amongst national delivery systems;
  6. Building a culture of Monitoring and Evaluation for improved service delivery;
  7. Optimising the use of resources: financial, human resources and technology;
  8. Mitigating sub-optimal performance; and
  9. Promoting inclusion and participatory development.
Mr Christopher Molomo
Mr Christopher Molomo
Interim Coordinator

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