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By 2036, Botswana will be a high-income country, with an export led economy underpinned by diversifies, inclusive and sustainable growth driven by…

National Transformation Strategy

National Transformation Strategy

To deliver our vision, we will develop a comprehensive National Transformation Strategy (NTS) that will act as the single strategy reference document, subject to periodic reviews to reflect changing global and local emerging trends. The NTS will provide a framework for fully coordinated, articulated and aligned sectoral and enterprise strategies in the public and private sectors, at national and local levels. It will also provide the framework for resolving policy conflicts, where they arise, and for taking bold decisions that reflect long-term national needs rather than short-term interests. National Development Plans (NDPs), including District and Urban Development Plans, will be the vehicles used for executing the NTS.

Achievement of this Vision is anchored on multi-stakeholder partnerships that mobilise and share knowledge, expertise, technology and financial resources. The NTS will clearly lay out the fundamental changes needed in policy, institutions and mindset needed to transform Botswana from an economy based around the management of windfalls gains from minerals to one based on competitiveness, productivity, efficiency and openness to the world. Acceptance of this Vision means acceptance of the bold and ambitious changes that will be entailed in this NTS. The four key changes required are:

  • Moving away from dependence upon diamonds and Government, and making concerted, serious strides towards economic diversification.
  • Generating national income from being competitive, productive and efficient, rather than from the consumption of our mineral good fortune. 
  • Opening up our country to investors and visitors, in the process creating a vibrant economy and society integrated into the global economy.
  • Enabling Batswana to be independent, self-reliant entrepreneurial in spirit, rather than dependent upon the state, and transforming the role of Government from control to facilitation.

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