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By 2036, Botswana will be a land of peace, freedom and progressive governance.

Lessons from Vision 2016

Lessons from Vision 2016

Vision 2036 builds on the lessons learnt from Vision 2016, our maiden Vision, that sought to achieve prosperity for all through seven pillars, which elaborated on our national aspirations. An evaluation of Vision 2016 performance shows that we achieved mixed results.

A key lesson from Vision 2016 is that there is a need for strong delivery system that will ensure implementation of policies geared towards the attainment of a national vision.

A further key lesson is that the capacity for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) needs to be built into the Vision from the start, including a comprehensive set of indicators, as well as the statistical and institutional infrastructure for carrying out M&E.

In addition, all development plans, especially National Development Plans should be aligned to the national vision for it to be attained. The successful attainment of a national vision requires the participation of Government, private sector, civil society and individuals.

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