Parliament of Botswana

By 2036, Botswana will be a land of peace, freedom and progressive governance.

Human and Social Development

Human and Social Development

Human and Social Development

By 2036 Botswana will be a moral, tolerant and inclusive society that provides opportunities for all.

Objectives of the Pillar

Spiritual Well-being

Batswana will be morally upright and tolerant of one another, irrespective of gender, age, location religion or creed, ethnic origin, sex, disability, language or political opinion.


Botswana will be recognised by their cultural heritage and identity.

Strong Family Institution

Botswana society will have strong family structures and values that produce and nurture responsible citizens.

Health and Wellness

Batswana will live long and healthy lives.

Social Inclusion and Equality

Social inclusion is central to ending poverty and fostering shared prosperity as well as empowering the poor, and marginalised people, to take advantage of burgeoning opportunities.

  • Marginalised population groups will be empowered to be positivity contribute the country‘s development.
  • People living with disabilities and the elderly people will have equal access to services and socio-economic opportunities.
  • Social protection will continue to be provided to support the most vulnerable members of the society.

Education and Skills Development

Botswana society will be knowledgeable with relevant quality education that is outcome based, with an emphasis on technical and vocational skills as well as academic competencies (education with production).

Gender Equality

Botswana will be a society where all men and women have equal opportunity to actively participate in the economic, social, cultural and political development of their country.


Botswana will have made relevant investments in its youthful population in order to reap the demographic dividend.

Children’s Well-being

Botswana will have a safe and enabling environment for children to grow to reach their full potential.

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