By 2036, sustainable and optimal use of our natural resources will have transformed our economy and uplifted our people’s livelihoods.

The Delivery Mechanism

The Delivery Mechanism


delivery mechanism

Transformation Directorate 

To deliver our vision, a comprehensive National Transformation Strategy (NTS) will be developed that will act as the single strategy reference document, subject to periodic reviews to reflect changing global and local emerging trends. The NTS will provide a framework for fully coordinated, articulated and aligned sectoral and enterprise strategies in the public and private sectors, at national and local levels.

We will put in place effective mechanisms to drive, coordinate and monitor implementation across a wide range of stakeholders. Transformative National Strategy planning will coordinate input into the development and implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Vision 2013 through the National Transformation Strategy (NTS).

Provides oversight on the implementation of the strategy for aligning the National Development Plans (NDP’s) to Vision 2036. Providing oversight on the implementation and execution of the National Transformation Strategy, including ensuring that it is echoed in NDP’s, budgets, policies, laws and sector projects. 

Monitoring & Evaluation Directorate

We will give particular attention to monitoring, evaluation and reporting throughout the vision period. M&E will have several functions, supported by a policy and where necessary legislative environment. First, it will track the progress on targets that are specifically related to vision goals, which are included in this document. Second, it will report back on these achievements. Third, and more broadly, it will facilitate, conduct and commission M&E for government activities every five years to inform the new planning agenda. This will have several important components:

  • Conducting M&E activities that are provided for in policy documents, in order to assess the implementation and impact of policies; similarly, with NDPs;
  • Conducting appraisals of proposed development projects in order to ensure informed decision making, and rational and effective allocation of scarce public funds;
  • Conducting ex-post evaluations of development projects in order to determine whether the anticipated benefits and returns were in fact achieved;
  • Assisting government in evidence-based policy making, review and reform.

Effective M&E also provides the foundation for accountability. Without it, institutions and individuals cannot be held accountable for the achievement of agreed performance targets. Implementation of an effective M&E process will involve working closely with agencies responsible for collecting and compiling data, including Statistics Botswana, administrative entities, the private sector and civil society, and international agencies. It will encourage improvement in the quality of statistics and other information that will contribute to achieving transparency and accountability, and will help in tracking Botswana’s performance under the Sustainable Development Goals. It will contribute to a radical shift from a focus on inputs and processes to a focus on development outcomes. This is critical, as it will create a results-oriented culture.

The M&E function will also be part of, but somewhat separate from, government. Its independence must not be compromised, and will enable it to carry out a kind of audit role, and to ‘speak truth to power’.

Communications Directorate

Vision 2036 must be embraced by the wider populace as it serves as an important instrument in unifying the nation. Its success will depend on keeping our destination in the clear view of all stakeholders through continuous communication efforts. We will therefore develop a Communication Strategy and run a comprehensive communication campaign from the beginning and throughout the Vision period, keeping all members of society informed of the progress we are making towards our aspirations. This will encourage both its ownership and support, and also inspire all to be part of the implementation process. It will also encourage the leadership of state and non-state actors to create a supportive environment to achieve the vision. Key to the communication strategy is the need to inspire citizens’ attitudes and mindset to be in line with this vision. 

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